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WDMCS Board: Teacher Training Earns Grad Credit & PD Plan Introduced

The WDMCS Board of Education held a regular meeting on Monday, Jan. 9, 2011, and took the following action:

  • approved an agreement with Drake University School of Education to provide school personnel with staff development courses for Drake University graduate credit with $70 per credit hour paid to Drake University. It was noted that this agreement continues the district’s long and successful partnership with Drake in this initiative and is beneficial to staff and supports their on-going professional development;
  • approved a contract with for its HR InTouch software to provide an online portal that enables benefits enrollment, health and wellness promotion, and employee communications at $2.25 per employee per month. HR InTouch will be paid by the self-insurance fund;
  • held a hearing per Iowa Code 279.10(4) on the 2012-13 school year start date proposed for Aug. 21, 2012. There were no participants in the hearing;
  • approved the consent agenda including personnel resignations, recommendations, support staff new hires, certified staff initial contracts, minutes from the Dec. 5 workshop, and minutes from the Dec. 12 special meeting, regular meeting and workshop;
  • approved, as part of the consent agenda, change orders for the VHS Improvements 2011 Phase I for Jensen ($0) for ASI 009 detention basin as-builts, Central Western Fabricators (-$2,225) to void PR-06R revised east stair landing and delete steel at Field House South Mezzanine and move to phase 3, DeVries Electric ($0) for ASI 108 building commissioning specification,  AJ Allen ($0) for ASI 108 building commissioning specification, Academy Roofing (-$400) to void PR-06R revised east stair landing, Siemens Industry ($0) for ASI 108 building commissioning specification;  and for VHS Improvements 2011 Phase 2 for Katelman Steel Fabricators’ ($7,124) to add lintels 10 and 11 and Proctor Mechanical ($0) for ASI 113 clarify location of future walls in culinary 1429;
  • approved an open enrollment request out of the district under good cause;
  • approved to pay the bills in the amount of $ 3,412,715.28 as recommended by the administration;
  • held an executive session to consider whether to expel a student;
  • reconvened from executive session into the regular meeting;
  • voted to expel as student through the end of the second semester of the 2011-12 school year.

Under the Superintendent’s Report, Associate Superintendent Laurene Lanich provided information on the district’s professional development plan. She noted that the vision of the plan is to have a common focus across the district; with building and individual professional development plans aligned to the Essentials of Effective Instruction (EEI) and the questions, “What will we do if students are proficient?” and “What will we do if students are not proficient?” The expected outcome is that all teachers will be knowledgeable and proficient in meeting the individual learning needs of all students. In addition, all students will achieve at high academic levels. The plan includes five district-wide professional development days (August, September, October, January/February, and April). She then provided a month-by-month action plan, which includes identifying a Professional Development Leadership Team with administrators and teachers that will, along with the TLS department, develop specific building professional development for all levels focusing on an overview of the Iowa Core Curriculum and EEI questions.

Another report was provided by Eric Simon of Weitz, Inc. regarding construction. For Valley High School Phase 2, the concrete pier caps and foundations are 75 percent complete. Nine out of the 23 concrete walls have been poured. The piping south of the Field House has started. He said the mason will be starting Wednesday. Simon reported that the crane will be set up for structural steel to begin January 17. This phase of the building is on track to be completed in December 2012. For the Valley Southwoods Tennis Complex, he reported that work is complete for the winter.  In the spring, the windscreen, nets, landscaping, and any miscellaneous items will be completed. When the temperature is 50 degrees, the courts will be coated and receive final painting. He also noted that the gates will be locked for the winter months to protect the complex while it is not in use.

Above is an informal summary of the actions of the West Des Moines Community Schools Board of Education at recent meetings. This is provided as a service to district staff and the public. This is not the official minutes of the board meeting, but a quick rundown of action taken, not necessarily in chronological order. Official board minutes must be approved by the board per Policy 212.1 and then are posted on our website (


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