WDMCS Board Approves 2012-13 Calendar, Winter Dance Contract

The WDMCS Board of Education held a regular meeting on Monday, Jan. 23, 2012, and took the following action:

  • approved the consent agenda including personnel resignations, recommendations, support staff new hires, certified staff initial contracts, minutes from the Jan. 4th special meeting, Jan. 9th workshop and regular meeting, and the Jan. 16 special meeting.
  • approved, as part of the consent agenda, work done by Hilsabeck Schacht, Inc. on the Crossroads Park Elementary School project as substantially complete and then final acceptance of that work.
  • approved, as part of the consent agenda, change orders to the Valley High School Phase 2 Project for Olympic Companies’ to add a bulkhead in commons area ($8,913); Jarnagin for painting of new bulkhead in commons area ($613), Nikkel and Associates’ to add 600amp feeder for future distribution panel DP-5 for Phase 3 work, to relocate exit light in field house as requested by City Fire Marshall and to relocate existing conduit, wiring, and junction boxes to be outside of the bulkhead ($30,238); Katelman Steel Fabricators’ for modifications to lobby stair ($953); Forrest and Associates’ for modifications to lobby stair and clarifications to masonry sealant  ($0); Swanson Gentlemen Hart, Inc.’s for clarifications to the metal panel sealant ($0).
  • approved, as part of the consent agenda, a Standard Insurance Company Amendment to eliminate benefit reduction starting at age 65. The District’s life insurance contract with Standard Insurance Company is inconsistent with the master contracts with our bargaining units. The master contracts’ language states that our employees will receive 1 times their salary as a life insurance benefit. The life insurance contract with Standard Insurance Company reduces the life insurance benefits for employees age 65 and over.
  • approved, as part of the consent agenda, a contract with the Val Air Ballroom ($3,000) for Valley High School’s Winter Dance to be held there on Saturday, January 28th, 2012, from 8-11 p.m.
  • held a hearing on the Walnut Creek Campus Project.
  • accepted the Olympic Companies bid in the amount of $448,068 for bid package #2 drywall, framing, acoustical ceilings, and paint on the Walnut Creek Campus project.
  • approved Walnut Creek Campus project bid Alternate 2A for $21,347 to replace the existing operable partition wall system between lunchroom/commons 1103 and gymnasium 1101and to provide a new operable partition system.
  • approved Walnut Creek Campus Alternate 4 for $500 to provide epoxy paint to a height of 7’2” A.F, F, on all four walls in Gymnasium 1101.
  • approved a Walnut Creek Campus change order to the Rochon Corporation (820.00) for demolition work associated with the replacement of the partition door between the Cafeteria and Gym.
  • approved the purchase of three (two non-fully seated and one fully seated) large body special needs buses to replace two 2003 large buses and one smaller 2004 minibus at the cost of $319,360 with funds from the 2012-13 special education budget.
  • approved contract addendum to access additional Medicaid coordination services from Timberline Billing Service at fee increase from 6 to 8 percent.
  • approved pursuing a rating with Standard & Poor’s (S&P) for a fee $13,300 to be paid from bond proceeds. This a proposed agreement for rating services to be provided in connection with a planned $10 million sales tax debt issuance.
  • authorized signing an acknowledgement of eligibility, liability and publicity release from HyVee on behalf of the West Des Moines Community School District, Fairmeadows School. HyVee has notified Fairmeadows Elementary that they have won a smart board.
  • approved the Board Policy 100 series.
  • authorized the district to submit a request for an early start date of August 21 for the 2012-13 school year in accordance with Iowa Code Chapter 279.10(4).
  • approved the 2012-13 school year calendar.
  • paid the bills dated January 23, 2012 in the amount of $7,463,078.44.
  • held an executive session to review/discuss records required/authorized to be confidential, reconvened from executive session into regular session.
  • rescinded the motion related to admission of a student adopted at the January 16th meeting.
  • approved enrollment of a student to the West Des Moines School Community Schools conditioned upon terms of the stipulations to be entered into between the student’s parents and the district.
  • held an executive session to review/discuss records required/authorized to be confidential, reconvened from executive session into regular session.

Eric Simon of the Weitz Company provided an update on the Valley project. For Phase II of the Valley project, he reported that the west retaining wall foundation has started and 12 out of the 23 concrete wall pours have been completed. He clarified that the retaining walls are located at what could be described as a basement walk-out to the track. He also noted that the mason has completed the scaffold tower for elevator shaft. The crane is on site and a few pieces of steel have been placed.  The main steel structure will begin Monday February 6th. They are on track for the building to be completed in December 2012.

Above is an informal summary of the actions of the West Des Moines Community Schools Board of Education at recent meetings. This is provided as a service to district staff and the public. This is not the official minutes of the board meeting, but a quick rundown of action taken, not necessarily in chronological order. Official board minutes must be approved by the board per Policy 212.1 and then are posted on our website (www.wdmcs.org).